Certificate Programs

Application fee

This is the application fee for students enrolling certificate programs.

Quarterly subscription fee for self-studying certificate programs

The quarterly subscription fee for self-studying certificate programs Dietetic Technician, Registered, Medicinal Herbs Certificate, Health Finance and Management and CompTIA A+ Technician: $200. You may study any certificate programs during this 3-month period, including:

Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR)

Medicinal Herbs Certificate

It covers the following courses:
- Historical records of medicinal herbs used to treat different disorders;
- Plants for promoting mental health;
- Plants for improving muscles, bones, and the reproductive system;
- Plants for promoting cardiovascular and respiratory health;
- Plants for promoting digestive and skin health;
- Plants for boosting immunity and relieving pain;
- Making and using herbal remedies at home to cure common ailments and improving your wellbeing. 

Health Finance and Management

- Health Literacy: Strategies and Challenges for Effective Communication
- Essentials of Business Analysis
- Fundamentals of Budgeting and Financial Accounting
- Financial Modeling with Excel
- Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
- Managed Care and Health insurance 

CompTIA A+ Technician

Certificate programs
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